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Ship Inspections & Other Technical Services

SHIPLINK, in cooperation with its affiliates SHIPTECH and SHIPVERITAS offers Ship Inspection and other Technical Services. Ship Inspections moderate risks involved in purchasing a Vessel, and covers the requirements of Banks and Insurance companies. These inspections normally entail a detail Superficial Survey such as Pre-Purchase and/or Pre-docking inspection.

Ship Inspections are carried out according to the international practice and our extensive knowhow of more than 25 years with more than 2,000 projects. Inspections are ship specific depending on the Ship type and Client’s specific requirements.

Ship Inspection Reports are covering all Ship’s aspects as detailed below and are accompanied with supporting documentation and photographic evidence. All findings are properly noted, listed and required remedial actions are properly described and budgeted.

Inspection reports usually contain:

• Ship Particulars

• Class Status with any Conditions of Class and Memoranda

• Ship Operational Condition and Performance

• Status of Planned Maintenance

• Condition of Hull Structure and appendices.

• Deck & Cargo Machinery Conditiong

• Condition of Cargo & Ballast Spaces Structural and coating

• Condition of Machinery Spaces

• Condition and Operational Status of Accommodation and Navigation Spaces

Other Technical Services include:

• Naval architecture

• Marine engineering

• Conversions

• Specialist marine projects

• Pre-purchase surveys

• Vessel inspection surveys

• Class record inspections

• Ship structural assessments

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